istoleyour.com began as an experimental web art project in 1998. The site showcased digital artwork I dubbed "photoshoplifting": JPEG collages created in Adobe Photoshop using images and artwork swiped from other web sites. This series, like the Internet boom itself, died sometime around Y2K. Around that same time I began to focus more on Polaroid photography.


The Polaroid series of diptychs are titled BiPolaroids and includes images shot and arranged over the span of ten years (until 2009). All Polaroid photographs in this series are digitally unaltered and were shot using either a Polaroid SX-70 camera or a One-Step Polaroid camera with 600 film.

During this time I also made a number of Polaroid self-portraits (primarily 1999-2005) using a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Land Camera or a One-Step camera (hand held!). The Sonar camera produces fascinating multiple exposures and captures movement in low light conditions with 600 film in the absence of a flash bar. These, like all my Polaroid photography work, are digitally unaltered.

The Xmas Polaroid Series are images of Christmas light decorations on homes in East Dallas (2004-2006) shot using a SX-70 Sonar Camera with 600 film (sans flash).

The process of collecting and marrying images in the BiPolard series is not unlike the process making collages. To keep the process going, I regularly draw, paint or throw together paper/print collage in sketchbooks. Some old stuff has been scanned and posted.

Ultimately my Polaroid photography has given way to digital work. In early 2008, Polaroid film was discontinued. The company was sold and it now manufactures a brand new camera and a new line of instant film that just sucks and isn't anywhere near as affordable. The old 600 film was out of production for a time but has recently been reborn and is available from a new manufacturer in Europe. Because this revamped Polaroid film for the old Polaroid cameras is still in its infancy, it remains a bit pricey and its quality wavers. Until Polaroid film becomes a more viable and affordable medium again, the BiPolaroid series is continued on an irregular basis as I am limited to working with pairing only those images that I've produced in the past (albeit I have many hundreds of Polaroids pics to work with!)

Digital Photography

Images in the Digital Photography portfolio are a collection of shots taken on various travels ranging from Waxahachie, Texas and the Cape of Good Hope to South Africa, and many places inbetween. This work is ongoing.

Julie Ross

I live and work in Dallas, Texas. Works not sold in the Polaroid series are available for sale/exhibition. Artist resume available upon request; I welcome all inquiries. Email photoshoplifter@earthlink.net. Thanks!

All images copyright ©2011 Julie Ross




Nice to Meat You (digital collage, 1999)

Kristin in Dinosaur Park, Polaroid Photograph 2002